Hip-Bone U launched!


Getting stuck in your warm-up?

Hit a rut lately? I've been doing the Remington warmups (the foundation of the 15 Minute Warm-Up book) since I began my brass career thirty years ago. When I came across the 15 Minute Warm-Up I was thrilled to have something to:

  • Make sure I don't waste time during my warm-up
  • Get 'er done
  • Have more fun
  • Have something to reinforce my pitch accuracy, tonal center, and rhythmic sense

I have to say, the 15 Minute-Warmup, and the 20 Minute-Warmup are a boon to keeping my chops in shape. When I'm running about, I've got it on my iPod or iPhone, and can buzz along with it even while driving. (Note: Please drive responsibly and safely.)

If you've found yourself in a bit of a rut lately, I would highly recommend checking out these new videos, and picking up a copy of the book(s). If you don't own either, start with the 15 Minute Warm-Up -- it's the meat & potatoes of any solid brass players warm-up. Solid fundamentals presented in a logical and methodical progression, with accompaniment that takes the tedium out of warming up.

You definitely need to check out the new videos that Mr. Michael Davis has launched at Hip-BoneU.

Mr. Davis has launched a set of three videos (with more to come) at Hip-BoneU as a companion piece to his 15 Minute Warm-Up and the 20 Minute Warm-Up series.

The current video lineup at Hip-BoneU includes the following videos:

There are more lessons coming soon, including team lessons with studio legend Bill Reichenbach, improvisation lessons, and more!

Mr. Davis has also released a new Bone2Pick feature, which will feature free interviews with leading brass musicians. Don't miss the great interview with legendary studio musician, arranger, and producer, Mr. Jerry Hey