Thank you Ian Bousfield: I will never play the ride the same again.

I finally get it. One of the best things about playing in the YouTube Symphony was the chance to collaborate and be coached by Mr. Ian Bousfield, solo trombonist with the Vienna Philharmonic.

His constant urging for more precision in articulation and rhythmic accuracy not only helped me with some issues I've had in my own playing, but drastically changed the way that I play, and more importantly HEAR the rhythm in Wagner's Die Walküre (Ride of the Valkyries).

I think that I may have worn out the saddle that he rode me with, but his incessant demand for rhythmic purity has helped me approximately 100% in just two days, and I will continue to use it, and teach it, for the rest of my career.

I took this video during the dress rehearsal at Carnegie Hall to both observe his impressive slide technique and to remind myself of the Viennese style for Die Walküre.

In short- THANK YOU Mr. Bousfield--your passion, time, intensity, and integrity will impact both myself and my students for generations to come.

The YouTube Symphony brass section was impressive, and a pleasure to work with!

Dr. J

YouTube Symphony Orchestra: Initial Thoughts

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Upload, Upload, Upload


Ok, I admit it, I WAS SKEPTICAL. C'mon, Google + YouTube and a "global" symphony picked by pros and regular Joe's?

It turned out to be one of the best groups I've played with, and I learned much more than I could have possibly hoped for during the course of three days.

I'm running now to teach & deal with a dead car, but will post updates and information over this coming weekend.

3 things: 1) The musical depth and talent of the participants was OUTstanding. Really impressive. 2) The quality of the program was truly impressive. I will never play Wagner the same again (Thank you Ian Bousfield!) 3) Be skeptical, but never be close minded. :)

Listen to the first half of the concert or the Second half of the concert and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until we talk again- work hard, play hard, and be a good human!

See you soon!

Dr. J

P.S. Thank you so VERY much for your support- without your help, I would not have had this amazing experience!

Bonehead hits New York

Made it to NYC, quick 4-5 hr nap and it's go time!

I really should have taken a photo- it's a neat feeling (even when you're flying coach) to approach the baggage carousel and see "that guy" with the sign is actually waiting for YOU.

OK, it's probably petty, but it's the little things that are nice- as I become a little more road weary I begin to truly appreciate the convenience of things like a nicer hotel, the workout facilities at a hotel, a decent meal (instead of fast food). (Maybe I'm just turning into an old fart?)

I must say that despite the initial lack of details, the YouTube and Google coordinators for the project really have gone all out to "take care of the talent." It's really nice to arrive at the hotel at 2 A.M. in a car (rather than subway or the Taxi) and settle into a really nice room (instead of the fleabag joints I have often frequented in the past).

Check-in at the hotel was effortless, and they had a "swag" bag with some goodies, a t-shirt, a really sweet hard drive from Samsung with the YouTube logo on it, schedules, and meal vouchers. Quick note on the hard drive- I've owned, and own, many small portable hard drives, but this new one is really quite impressive. It's a little under half the size of a normal "mini" hard drive, has a nice plastic grip on the bottom, and a variety of cables. I just transferred all the video from my Flip Mino onto it, and it copied multiple gigs onto it at a quite speedy rate. I'm actually going to use it for all of my future video editing & photos for the laptop. It's my new mobile jump drive of choice. It'd be nice to have a 500GB version, but I assume that's to come later as technology improves.

I kind of feel like I'm going to All-State Honor Band for Adults. :)

Mobile Blog test

Easter gig done: Happy Easter everyone! I'm running to the airport and testing the ability to Mobile Blog (moblog) in preparation for my jaunt to Carnegie Hall.

Thinking of traveling only with a Zoom H2 recorder, a Flip Mino HD, and my iPhone.

I'll capture plenty of clips of the blog and to kick off the podcast.

What would you like me to ask members of the YouTube orchestra, and our world class mentors?

Please leave comments below, or drop me an email!

Dr. J

YouTube Symphony Orchestra Submission

YouTube is sponsoring a very interesting project- a "collaborative" orchestra comprised of great players from around the world.

The submission process includes a new composition the Eroica by composer Tan Dun of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame.

The YouTube Symphony Orchestra submission includes two videos, thefirst being your particular part in the orchestra, the second an "expressive" video that "shows off your creativity and talents" (read here, standard orchestral excerpts--at least for trombone).

I finally got the Bonehead Bunker constructed and hastily put together a submission (on the last day). Amongst the things I will share later, I will definitely practice more (and build less) the weekend leading up to it, look at the part more, and warm up better the day of the recording (sigh). :) Little life lessons eh?

Beginning February 14th, users will vote on their "favorite" videos. (SHAMELESS PLUG: VOTE FOR ME). If you think my submission is of significant merit, I'd appreciate your support. Please leave any feedback on the playing in the comments below!

Thanks very much!