YouTube Symphony Orchestra Submission

YouTube is sponsoring a very interesting project- a "collaborative" orchestra comprised of great players from around the world.

The submission process includes a new composition the Eroica by composer Tan Dun of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame.

The YouTube Symphony Orchestra submission includes two videos, thefirst being your particular part in the orchestra, the second an "expressive" video that "shows off your creativity and talents" (read here, standard orchestral excerpts--at least for trombone).

I finally got the Bonehead Bunker constructed and hastily put together a submission (on the last day). Amongst the things I will share later, I will definitely practice more (and build less) the weekend leading up to it, look at the part more, and warm up better the day of the recording (sigh). :) Little life lessons eh?

Beginning February 14th, users will vote on their "favorite" videos. (SHAMELESS PLUG: VOTE FOR ME). If you think my submission is of significant merit, I'd appreciate your support. Please leave any feedback on the playing in the comments below!

Thanks very much!