Thoughts on rejection


I received some very interesting feedback from an audition today-- to be honest, it kind of bummed me out.

I heard from two prominent players in the same section, feedback that was exactly diametrically opposed--one said if I'd played in any other hour, I'd have easily advanced-- the other, was underwhelmed.


Auditioning, and receiving feedback is a weird, and ego-challenging thing. Just stumbled on an interesting article that really made me think.

The first comment really struck home though: People that reject me are doing me a favor.

They're not rejecting me or my product. They're rejecting the combination of me and them together.

They're telling me we would have a bad relationship. And they're probably right.

Just because THIS time you didn't win, it may not be for the worst, and it may not be because you 'biffed it'-- it might just not be a good fit.