Instrument Maintenance - How to take care of your brass instrument to ensure a lifetime of fun!

Instrument maintenance is perhaps the most often overlooked area by students (and professionals).  I have created the following twelve maintenance videos on my YouTube channel.  They were recorded in hi-def 720p, and I will be working in the next few weeks to improve the sound quality for you. It sounds simple, but if you follow this tenet, it will prove true "take care of your instrument, and it will take care of you."   Playing a brass instrument is hard enough without making things even more challenging by having an instrument that does not play well.   I've spent the last twenty-eight years studying not only how to play better, but also how to take best care of my instrument so it will be "ready for battle."  I've borrowed from colleagues, repair gurus, and experimented to come up with the following advice.

Please take a moment to watch the following videos (get a good cup of coffee first) or better yet, watch one, GO PRACTICE, watch another, GO PRACTICE, watch another, (you get the idea). Please comment below, let me know what you think, and if you have any other advice of things that have worked well for you.  Maintenance is often a lot of religion and mythology- I urge you to openly consider what I say here, and try it out, see what happens if you apply it consistently for a minimum of 2-3 months.

See you at the top!

Dr. J

Maintenance Video 1 of 12 - Introduction & Overview

Maintenance Video 2 of 12- Snakes

Maintenance Video 3 of 12- Slides that Tune & Grease

Maintenance Video 4 of 12- Thirsty Bones

Maintenance Video 5 of 12- Your Trombone needs a Tine

Maintenance Video 6 of 12 - Yamaha Slide Oil

Maintenance Video 7 of 12 - Slide o Mix Cleaning Rod

Maintenance Video 8 of 12 - Bath Time 1

Maintenance Video 9 of 12 - Bath Time 2: Bathing with Trummy Young

Maintenance Video 10 of 12 - Bath Time 3 Scrub it Out

Maintenance Video 11 of 12 - Bath Time 4 Slide Grease & Valves

Maintenance Video 12 of 12 - Application of Slide Lubricants