Andy Martin - Trombone Day: Hayward, CA

Last Reminder: Don't forget Trombone Day at CSU, East Bay, in Hayward, CA. Sponsored by Dick Akright and A & G Music, and host David Ridge, trombonist extrordinare Andy Martin will be performing and giving a clinic for FREE at CSU, East Bay on November 15th.

Andy is one of my favorite trombonists- his incredibly smooth technique, tone, and style make him stand out in the commercial crowd of excellent players in Los Angeles.   What impresses me most however, is his use of the harmonic vocabulary in his improvisation- Andy, in a fashion akin to another favorite of mine, John Allred, plays what "my heart wants to hear."   He speaks though the instrument in fluent sentances, phrases, and ideas- you clearly can hear him broach an idea and tie up its conclusion neatly--you always feel satisfied.   For me, this is something that clearly sets him in a higher level of improvisor, one who does not have the "idiomatic nature of the trombone" limit what he wants to say on the instrument.

     I cannot reccommend him highly enough--do whatever it takes to hear him!