Audition Help: Audio for John Fedchock: A Drop in the Bucket

Get READY! - Auditions for the Generations in Jazz Honor Jazz Band are this Saturday! - Here's a last quick gift to help you get ready for the audition.

I've recorded the major sections of John Fedchock's A Drop In The Bucket to help you with your audition preparation.

Last minute tips: USE LOTS of air, drink plenty of water, hear TWO bars of tempo in your head BEFORE you start, and go for it! TIME, SOUND, and STYLE are the most important thing. If you have a glitch- it's ok, it means you are HUMAN.

If you make a mistake, go back and try again. NO! The best thing you can do is JUST KEEP GOING if you have trouble, DO NOT GO BACK-- keep strict time! :)

Good luck! Breathe Deep! Go have FUN & drop me a note (or COMMENT BELOW) and let me know how it went!

m.1 Drop in the Bucket
m.21 Drop in the Bucket
m.61 Drop in the Bucket
m.69 Drop in the Bucket