Meeting with Masters: Podcast Launch

It's the quick (and unofficial) launch of my new podcast:

(submitting the formal RSS feed to iTunes today, but available now)

Meeting with Masters: Thoughts on Music with people who don't suck.


  1. Share the life stories and musical insights of outstanding musicians, craftsmen, repair technicians, music businessmen, creative professionals, and people that impress me, with the world.
  2. Provide an avenue for students and listeners to ask a question of a seasoned veteran.
  3. Provide an opportunity (bully pulpit) for outstanding professionals to share their wisdom with the next generation of musician, and their thoughts on the craft and art of music performance and pedagogy.
  4. Learn, be inspired, and gain pearls of wisdom to fuel our need and desire to become better musicians and humans.

The first episode features Mr. Alex Iles, Los Angeles studio trombonist, college professor, and all around 'good human'.

He's an inspiring trombonist who has seen great success in all genres of music ranging from touring with Mr. Maynard Ferguson, nearly a decade as a trombonist for cartoons with the Animaniacs, numerous movies and recordings, Principal trombone with the Long Beach Symphony, and professor of trombone at California Institute of the Arts.

Alex is a Conn/Selmer performing artist and plays King and Conn trombones.

I hope that you enjoy, and learn from this interview as much as I have.

I'll be putting up information on how to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes once it's confirmed in the iTunes store, but for now, you can use iTunes (or your preferred Podcasting program) with the following feed://

Open iTunes, click on "Advanced" ---> "Subscribe to Podcast", then enter in feed:// and you're set!

Please let me know what you think, thanks so very much for the generous donation of time and knowledge by the artists, and I thank you for your time and support!

RSS Link for iTunes

Happy Thanksgiving!


Upcoming Artists to include: